Dr Catherine McKenzie PhD FRPharmS FFRPS

Clinical Academic Research Lead, Pharmacy, Kings College Hospital, London

Cathy is clinical academic research lead for the pharmacy over KCH.  She has 40-plus publications, several book chapters and is one of 3 editors in chief of Critical Illness (https://about.medicinescomplete.com/publication/critical-illness/). Cathy’s research focus is sedation, delirium and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics in critical illness.

She has practised either as a clinical pharmacist or researcher in critical care for over 30 years and understands the impact of critical illness and multiple organ failure has on the PK-PD of drugs prescribed when our patients are acutely unwell.

Lectures by Dr Catherine McKenzie PhD FRPharmS FFRPS

Drug dosing in sepsis

Pharmacology for critical care nurses

Critical Care Nursing / Pharmacology