Socially Responsible Continuing Education

Continulus was created to give all healthcare professionals access to courses and lectures with leading global healthcare experts in a fair, inclusive, and socially responsible way.
Plus, we donate time, money, and resources to further healthcare, and healthcare education, in lower resource settings. By using or contributing to Continulus, you do too.
Free Lectures

We believe that world-class continuing education should be accessible by all healthcare professionals globally. That's why all lectures are free to access with a small charge for premium features if required.

Fair Price Policy

Our built-in tiered pricing ensures that when we charge, we do so in a fair and equitable way. All content is free in low-income countries and subsidised in middle-income countries.

4% Donation From Every Sale

As well as democratising healthcare education, we believe in fair access to healthcare for all. That's why 4% of every payment on Continulus is donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Sustainable Education

We donate time, money, and resources to support sustainable education in countries with limited resources. We've built websites, launched multiple national societies, and sponsored conferences across Africa and Asia. Contact us to find out more.

Run LMIC Projects

We support organisations to plan, create and deliver entire education solutions in countries with limited resources. If you are interested in running an education program in an LMIC, we'd love to help.

Overcome Barriers

Continulus was designed to be accessible by all, including those with limited internet connection. We continually research the needs of healthcare professionals in LMIC's and aim to overcome any barriers they might have.