No Flow, No Go! Diagnosis and treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

The management of acute stroke

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Professor Anne Alexandrov help_outline
Professor of Nursing and Neurology, Memphis, USA
Lecture Summary

This program will present evidence-based information about the diagnosis, reperfusion treatment, and prevention of acute ischaemic stroke. The discussion will centre on nursing clinical localization diagnostic skills, the availability and utility of computed tomographic (CT) technology, and nursing’s role in the development of systems of care that support stroke management. Specific topics will include intravenous alteplase and thrombectomy treatments, rapid emergency department management paradigms, the evolution of prehospital treatment on mobile stroke units, and the importance of primary and secondary stroke prevention.

Target Audience

Doctors and nurses who manage the acute stroke patient

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Discuss methods to diagnose an ischaemic stroke
  • Describe treatment options for acute ischaemic stroke
  • Identify methods for secondary prevention of stroke