Emotional intelligence and Burnout: lessons learned from Gumby

The basics of burnout and resiliency in healthcare workers

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Prof Mike Ackerman help_outline
Professor of Clinical Nursing at The Ohio State University, USA
Lecture Summary

This session disruptively addresses burnout and resiliency in healthcare workers. An evidence-based evaluation of the causes of stress and burnout and strategies for resilience are discussed, including the role of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be learned and emotional intelligence assessment tools highlight many of the skills required to minimize burnout and reduce the need for resilience. Gumby serves as an example of how we can bend and always return to our true form.

Target Audience

Critical Care Nurses
Trainee Critical Care Doctors

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Describe the systematic causes of burnout and resiliency
  • Identify systematic solutions to minimize burnout and maximize resiliency
  • Explain the role of emotional intelligence and emotional labor in mitigating burnout and promoting resiliency