Brain Trauma Management: knock some sense into it!

Management of the traumatically injured brain in ICU

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Susan Yeager help_outline
Lead Neurocritical Care Nurse Practitioner at The Ohio State University, USA
Lecture Summary

During this presentation, a comprehensive discussion of traumatic brain injury will occur. Injury identification, with associated evidence-based treatment strategies, will provide learners with practical tools to support patient care. The lecture will begin with a review of the mechanism of injury and primary and secondary trauma assessments. Following this, an overview of primary brain injury will occur where associated CT scan imaging will be utilized to enhance participant learning. Pathophysiology of secondary brain injury will be provided followed by strategies to minimize its sequelae. Brain herniation syndromes, intracranial pressure evaluation, and management techniques will be presented along with miscellaneous items such as deep vein thrombosis, feeding, and temperature management strategies to support optimal TBI patient outcomes. Throughout the course, evidenced-based, nursing treatment strategies will be provided to support rapid identification and practical care management that can be applied in global care settings.

Target Audience

Critical Care Nurses
Trainee Critical Care Doctors

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Describe primary and secondary brain injury
  • Discuss brain injury guidelines to focus on diagnostic evaluation and patient treatment
  • Describe intracranial physiology
  • Discuss herniation syndromes and treatment