Steroids in Septic Shock: current status

Professor Bala Venkatesh

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Lecture overview

A summary of steroid use in sepsis and the latest evidence-based recommendations.

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Duration 1 hour(s).

Lecture speaker

Professor Bala Venkatesh

Dr. Bala Venkatesh is a Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Queensland, a Pre-Eminent specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Deputy Director of Intensive Care Medicine at the Wesley Hospital.

Prof. Venkatesh is also the President for the College of Intensive Care Medicine (ANZ). He is the Principal Investigator of the NHMRC funded multi-centre international ADRENAL trial and his research interests include Glucocorticoid physiology in critical illness including the development of the idea of the “sick euadrenal state”, sepsis and vitamin D in critical illness.

Prof. Venkatesh pioneered the development of continuous blood gas monitoring system. He supervised three PhD students and has been the recipient of several grants from foundations and industry.