International Sepsis Symposium

A gathering of sepsis experts from around the world

Simon Finfer, Mervyn Singer, John Marshall, Kathy Rowan, Ron Daniels and more

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Course overview

What's it about?

Respected sepsis experts deliver impactful talks for practicing physicians

Learning objectives:

  1. To advance knowledge, competency and performance in managing the acute septic patient
  2. A comprehensive review of the latest research and evidence in sepsis prevention, pathophysiology, genetics, immunology, diagnostics and treatment
  3. To stay abreast of key advances and opinions in sepsis management for day-to-day clinical practice 

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Who's it for?

All doctors and nurses who care for patients with sepsis

Duration 6.0 hour(s).

Course Lecturer

A selection of leading sepsis experts from around the world

Simon Finfer - Chair of International Sepsis Forum

John Marshall - Trauma Surgeon and past Chair of ISF

Mervyn Singer - Prof. of ICU, University College London

Kathryn Maitland - Prof. of Paediatric Tropical Infections

Derrick Crook - Prof. of Microbiology, Oxford Univeristy

Ron Daniels - Chief Executive of UK sepsis trust

Vida Hamilton - Clinical Lead for Sepsis in Ireland

Anthony Gordon - Prof. of ICU, Imperial College London

Kathy Rowan - Founder and Director of ICNARC

Jecko Thachil - Chair of DIC committee, ISTH

Ken Baillie - Consultant ICU & ISF Lowry Fink Fellow

Gordon Ramage - Prof. of Medical Microbiology, Glasgow